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Sep 16, 2015 @ 8:36 PM

Our Partners

Our Partners

On August 5, 2015, we closed on a Seed round of financing and a strategic deal with Link Ventures www.linkventures.com and Cogo Labs www.cogolabs.com: http://www.abovo42.com/sean@abovo42.com/43022

Link and Cogo are headed by Dave Blundin. Dave is a former board member of DoublePositive and is the most successful person I know personally. Located in the talent-rich zone of Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA, Link Ventures and Cogo Labs have a proven and stellar track record of turning great ideas into fast-growing, successful businesses. Cogo Labs is comprised of 100+ of the smartest, friendliest, and most fun people you will ever meet. Cogo Labs and Link Ventures are not venture capitalists in the conventional sense. They are a collaborative team of engineers, analysts, and entrepreneurs who use the most modern technologies, a massive proprietary corpus of data, and intellectual curiosity to turn ideas into successful online businesses, fast.

When it came time to find a new partner for my new endeavor, Dave Blundin and Cogo Labs (w/Link Ventures) was my immediate choice.

Other Dave Blundin/Link Ventures/Cogo Labs ventures include:








…and many, many more still coming. :-)

Sean P. Fenlon