Unleash the Power of Email with ABOVO

Here's how it works:
  • ABOVO.co is THE place to POST anything and everything – all via Email
  • Send or Forward any Email to POST@abovo.co
  • Send your Email from anywhere using any Email account
  • Any and all files attached to your Email (e.g. photos, videos, audio files, documents, PDFs, etc.) will be published as attachments on your POST
  • You will receive an email with a link to your new published POST that can be shared with anyone, anywhere
  • Your POST will be published on the Internet at: abovo.co/[YourEmailAddressHere]

ABOVO POSTS - It's like a super simple blog for your Email

Here's how it works:
ABOVO GROUPS are the simplest way to create or participate in online communities gathered around a shared topic of interest – all via Email.
And just like the original ABOVO POSTS technology, users are not required to register, sign up, or download an app – simply send/forward an Email.
Create a New GROUP
  • Create a NEW GROUP by sending an Email to [InsertGroupNameHere]@abovo.co
  • GROUP Email discussions are automatically published and archived online at: http://YourGroupNameHere.abovo.co
  • Users that create a new ABOVO GROUP are considered the “Founder” of their respective GROUP and are also the default Moderator of the new GROUP
  • GROUP Moderators are responsible for contributing to and… well… “moderating” their GROUP
  • Moderators automatically receive a notification Email with every new POST to the GROUP that they are moderating and can:
    1. “Allow” the POST and the new user (this is the default – no action required)
    2. “Delete” the POST with one click
    3. “Block” a user’s Email address from the GROUP with one click
  • You may invite other users to participate in your Group simply by CC’ing their Email address in the initial GROUP email you send to GROUPNAMEHERE@abovo.co
  • Users are limited to one GROUP created per unique Email address


Existing Groups
  • Explore and participate in existing groups by visiting: abovo.co/GROUPS
  • Users may also join and participate in existing Groups by simply sending or forwarding any Email to GroupNameHere@abovo.co
  • Moderators of the existing GROUP will be notified of the new POST by the new user and be allowed the opportunity to moderate the content
  • Users that POST to an existing GROUP will become part of the GROUP and will receive Email notifications anytime something new is posted to the GROUP by other GROUP members

ABOVO GROUPS - It’s like a simple online community for your Email